Megan and Liz Spill On Other YouTube Stars Like Bieber, Christina Grimmie And, Yes, Rebecca Black

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Is it ok to call Megan and Liz our new best friends? Or is that weird? Because after chillin’ with the adorable twins in our NYC studio last week, we pretty much want to hang out with them all. The. time. First the girls told us about a concert they did for Band Against Bullying and spilled on their own experiences with bullies on YouTube, and then we got them to tell us their thoughts on other YouTube-stars-turned-musicians like Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Cimorelli and yes, even Rebecca Black. It’s juicy.

Oh, and? M&L performed their new single, “Bad For Me” (which just came out on iTunes today!) acoustic, but you’re gonna just have to wait until Friday at 2pm/5pm ET to see that in The Click Clique. Totally worth the wait though, guys…

So check out the adorable interview above, and be sure to come back on Friday for more M&L!

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