What’s the First Thing Meaghan Martin and Tyler Blackburn Would Do in Neverland? “Hang Out With the Mermaids.” (Exclusive Video)

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So you probs already know who Meaghan Martin and Tyler Blackburn are, but did you know these two are about to embark on a journey to Neverland? Yup! Meaghan and Tyler are starring as Wendy and Peter in the brand new  web series called Wendy. Wendy is a modern spin on the classic story of Peter Pan, but Tyler says Wendy is definitely “darker” and “for more mature audiences.” Psh! We’re so in.

And guess what? We chatted with Meaghan and Tyler all about it…

From what they’d do if they got to actually go to Neverland to what it was like to go from filming a TV show to a webseries, these two have us super psyched for this series premiere.

Watch our exclusive with Meaghan and Tyler below!

Wendy The Series premieres this Thursday, September 15! Be sure to check it out on Facebook.com/WendyTheSeries. Are you excited to see Tyler and Meaghan in this new take on Peter Pan? Think they’d make a cute real life couple? Tell us in the comments!