My Day. My Life. With Max Schneider!

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You’ve seen Max Schneider‘s amazing cover videos, but now is your chance to get him a little bit more! For our latest episode of My Day. My Life., we got to spend an entire day with Max and see what life is like for this talented fella.

First, he starts off the day just like anyone else — eating breakfast! Then, he uploaded a behind the scenes video for his latest music video “Nothing Without Love.” We also get a peek inside his closet, right before he fits in a work out and rehearsal with his band.

In addition to getting an inside look at Max’s life, he also told us what he loves about music and acting, when he knew he wanted to perform for a living, and much more! Watch the video above to see the whole episode, and to see him perform a super special acoustic version of his new song “Shot of Pure Gold”!

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