The Most Lit Accent Challenge Ever with Matthew Espinosa!

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If you’re subscribed to big YouTube stars, you already know what the Accent Challenge is. Everyone from Joe Sugg (who is literally a KING at sounding like other people) to Smosh has tried their best to take on inflections from other parts of the world, and even though some people fail pretty hard, they still make us laugh endlessly. If you live under a rock, it’s basically this — you pick a random accent out of a hat and have to try your best to do it justice and sometimes even get your partner to guess where you’re trying to pretend you grew up.

So when YT and Vine sensation Matthew Espinosa stopped by the Teen.com office recently, we had a great idea. In his new movie Be Somebody, the 18-year-old’s character disguises himself and leaves his superstar life to become a regular teen for a day. You know what else some people do when they want to pretend to be someone else? Change their accent! Cue the Accent Challenge, y’all!

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