Watch: Mario Kart Comes to Life With 3-D Chalk Art!

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Have you ever wondered what a live action Mario Kart game would be like? Well wonder no more gamers because Artist Chris Carlson has turned that fantasy into a reality. Check out the video above and see how Chris used chart art to create a live action version of Yoshi from the video game Mario Kart.

The video starts off with Chris working on Yoshi's car. Using a ruler as a straight edge, Chris draws in the lines of the car with white chalk. After he completes the car outline he then uses the same white chalk and draws the outline of Yoshi's body. Then when he finishes with the white chalk he uses different color chalk to create a 3D look out of Yoshi and the car.

When the drawing is complete Yoshi and his car take to the real streets and we watch as he tries to avoid banana peels, dogs, and angry neighborhood people. In the end Yoshi is transported to the game version of the finish line and comes in 1st place, beating out other Mario Kart favorites like Princess Peach, Bowser, and Toad. Amazing!

We have to say, this video is really cool! But this isn't the first video Chris has done. The AWE me channel on YouTube now has 11 videos of Chris doing amazing things with chalk art. From a Tetris stop motion 3D chalk art video to a Breaking Bad 3D chalk art video, this guy shows he has some serious skills!

So what do you think of this video? What kind of 3D chalk art would you like to see Chris create next? Let us know in the comments below!

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