This is the Most Epic Sneak Peek of Nickelodeon’s Make It Pop Season 2 EVER!

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It feels like it’s been FOR-EH-VER since we last saw new episodes of Nickelodeon’s Make It Pop Yes, the holiday special was great and all, but it’s just not the same, ya know? But now, thanks to our friends over at our fave network, we’re able to EXCLUSIVELY bring you the most epic sneak peek of MIP season 2 EVER!

In this mega-mix music video, you’ll see clips of XO-IQ performing five new tunes from the new season of the show. They are:

“Make You The One”
“Walk That Walk”
“No Way”
“We Doin’ It”
“Back To Me”

And here’s what you can expect during season 2: “Faced with bigger challenges and higher stakes in season two, XO-IQ has yet to reunite after a number of
setbacks. Corki is in danger of being removed from Mackendrick Prep by her father, Jodi is deciding if she should pursue her love of fashion, and now that Sun Hi is clashing with hotshot guitarist Linc, it looks like XO-IQ might be over, until a new band competition and rival boy band emerge and change
everything.” AHHHH!


MIP season two premieres Monday, Jan. 4th at 7pm ET on Nickelodeon. You can alsodownload XO-IQ’s second album, Tomorrow Is Ours, here.

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