Magic Trick Turns $5 Tip Into $100 For Pizza Delivery Guys

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If this video doesn’t warm your heart, we don’t know what will. Recently, YouTuber/magician Stuart Edge found out that pizza delivery guys in Utah earn about $4 an hour, and wanted to do something a little something extra to thank them.

So, he called up a number of pizza places to order pizza (duh) and when the delivery guys showed up he gave them quite the show. Basically, Stuart pretended like he was going to tip them $5 (all in one dollar bills), and showed them the money. All of them seemed appreciative of the $5 top in and of itself, but then Stuart blew their minds by turning the $5 into $100, and handing it over to the delivery guys.

Pretty awesome, right? Can’t go wrong with a video that features pizza AND paying it forward! Some of the guys are so shocked they tell Stuart they feel like they can’t take it! If you need a smile today, this will certainly do it for you, so watch the video above!

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