M83’s “Claudia Lewis” Music Video Starring Lily Collins, Ashley Rickard, Israel Broussard, Directed by Bryce Dallas Howard

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Such amazing goodies from the cast of The Mortal Instruments! In the past few days, we learned that Kevin Zegers is a married man, listened to Jamie Campbell Bower's tune, "Better Man" (the first of TWO surprises; still waiting on #2), now Lily Collins has a treat of her own.

As part of MTV's Supervideo series, which includes the Drew Barrymore–directed "Best Coast" music video starring Chloe Moretz, Miranda Cosgrove and Tyler Posey, Bryce Dallas Howard (a.k.a. the second Victoria in The Twilight Saga) takes on M83's "Claudia Lewis" starring blue-haired alien Lily, plus a few more familiar faces.

When Bryce was questioned as to Lily's far-fetched look, she explains, "We were toying around with the idea of giving [Lily] orange-ish hair [like David Bowie's in "The Man Who Fell to Earth"]… but we wanted to go for something that was truly otherworldly."

Joining them for the ride is Awkward.'s Ashley Rickards and The Bling Ring's Israel Broussard. Watch the supernatural video above. (Lily may be involved in a smooch!)

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