Lucy Hale ‘You Sound Good To Me’

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It's been a long time coming, but we've finally got our first listen of Lucy Hale's single "You Sound Good to Me"! The 24-year-old Pretty Little Liars star revealed that she'd be dabbling into music a couple of years ago, and ever since, fans have been waiting with bated breath to hear her music.

And yes, the day has finally come! Though her debut single "You Sound Good to Me" was supposed to drop on Tuesday, it has come a full day early — not that we're complaining or anything!

The song certainly has a country feel to it, which makes sense since Lucy is a Tennessee native. And since Taylor Swift has pretty much gone full on pop, it looks like Lucy could be country's next big thing! Check out some of the song's lyrics below.

The full moon
Is shining like a spotlight
Yeah I could just sit and listen to you talkin' all night
When you whisper
Yeah baby when you lean in
Yeah I get a crazy, crazy good kind of feelin'

It's like Amen from the back of the choir
Sweet hum of freedom underneath the tires
Kick back sittin' by a cracklin' fire
Strumming them guitar strings
And like an old song on the radio
That you grew up to and everybody knows
Rushin' of the water when the river rolls
windin' wild and free

Baby you sound good to me
Baby you sound so good to me
Mm-m-mm like a melody
Baby you sound good to me

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