Listen to Two Bonus Tracks From Lucy Hale’s Debut Album, Road Between

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Have you been listening to Lucy Hale’s debut album Road Between on repeat since it was release June 3? Uhh — of course you have! What were we thinking?? Well, if you’re anything like us and already learned all the words to each and every song on the CD, we’ve got good news for ya! The Target version of Road Between has two bonus tracks and we’ve got them right here for you to listen to!

“Those 3 Words” is a country/pop crossover that’s almost guaranteed to get stuck in your head. This is the perfect song to blast in your car with the windows down and jam to with your friends. “Runaway Circus” is a quintessentially heartbreaking country ballad and although it’s slower and much more emotional, we’re just as obsessed.

Listen to “Those 3 Words” above and click here for “Runaway Circus!” Let us know in the comments below which song is your fave!

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