Lucy Hale Debuts New Song ‘Kiss Me’

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After months and MONTHS of waiting, we’re finally getting a little peek at Lucy Hale‘s upcoming debut album! The Pretty Little Liars star stopped by Froggy Radio in Pittsburgh over the weekend, and they shared this little video of her singing a tune called “Kiss Me.”

The song will be featured on her upcoming album, though we’re not sure when that will be dropping. Just by this little reveal, we have to say we’re glad we named her in our recent list of singers who could be the next Taylor Swift! Check out some of the lyrics below!

You walk in and act so surprised
Every though every Friday night I’m here.
You know I’m here.

You talk to some girl
I dance with some guy
Catch eachothers eye and we pretend
Like we don’t care

But I know you know I know
We ain’t really lettin’ things go, no

You leave here and you drive home
You take a turn down my road
I watch you through my window and hide so you can’t see
Don’t you know I want you with me
And it ain’t just cause I’m tipsy
You can act like it’s all over
And you don’t miss me
Or you could just kiss me
Kiss me, kiss me yeah

And to check out her vocal chops — they’re pretty good! — watch the video above! Are you digging Lucy’s transition into music? Tell us in the comments section!

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