Lucas Cruikshank — YouTube’s Fred — Comes Out

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Lucas Cruikshank — who you might know as "Fred" from YouTube — has officially come out of the closet. In a video posted on his Lucas channel, he did a Q&A with his pal Jennifer Veal, who you might recognize from the Disney Channel show Jessie, where he revealed the news.

The news was brought up pretty casually, as one of the questions he received the most of was asking about his sexuality, to which he just replied, "I'm gay." He followed up the reveal by commenting, "It's so weird saying it on camera!" He continued that his family and friends had known for about three years, and he just "didn't feel the need to answer it on the Internet." The whole video has a comedic feel as some of the questions towards the end ask if they have feelings for each other.

In addition to getting his start on YouTube as Fred, he starred in a Nickelodeon show and several movies based on the character, as well as the Nick show Marvin, Marvin.

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Lucas on the set of Marvin, Marvin!

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