This Little Girl Was Born to Be a Singer!

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This little girl has quite the pipes for a 2-year-old! This video was uploaded to YouTube about three years ago, but is jut recently picking up steam. According to the video’s description:

“Penelope just turned 2! Video was taken in 2007 but reposted several years later (2010). For those concerned with her car seat, she was perfectly safe. The straps are not loose, but strap pads are, as seen in this video. My lil lady loved playing with those pads, but she was not in any risk. She is thrilled that her video has gone viral, finally and I quote “mommy I want to record more, more” lol as she quotes herself now at 7. She has not lost that spark and we love her dearly for being so smart (as she shocked us too the day this was recorded in knowing the lyrics as much as a 2yr old could). She’s quite an amazing lil gal, believes she was finally discovered. Thanks everyone (updated description 5/16/13) Stay tuned for an updated PJ video! Video was reposted by Pearl Jam on their Facebook page May 15, 2013…. how cool!”

Pretty cool! Watch the video for yourself above!

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