LISTEN: Little Mix Releases New Single ‘Boy’

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It was JUST announced that Little Mix's sophomore album Salute would be released in the states on February 4, 2014, but now we're getting another taste of what to expect! The quartet dropped the single for the song "Boy" and it'll definitely get your toes tapping.

Sticking with their ever-present female empowerment vibe, the song is all about forgetting a "boy." Bravo! This is definitely our new break up anthem. Check out some of the lyrics below:

Do you remember what he sayin'?
I do, he told you, he never ever heard you
Oh, here we go again
Another break-up, make-up, when you're gonna wake up

I'm gon' be the one to call him out
Look how many times he let you down
When's gonna learn to be your roommate
I'll be the one to say you're beautiful
On my world, he never said it all
I'm just sayin' you need to go

Forget that boy, forget that boy
We know that that boy ain't good enough for you
You're holding back tears in your eyes
That boy wanna fight but I never see him fighting for you
He'll never realize what he's got
Until it's gone and he'll lose you forever
Girl you'll be alright, forget that boy

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