Robert Pattinson’s New Movie, Life, will Make You Miss Edward Cullen (VIDEO)

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We’ll always have love for Robert Pattinson, but if we’re being honest, we haven’t hardcore swooned over him since his Twilight days. Until now, that is.

RPattz stars in the upcoming film Life, where he plays a Life Magazine photographer who’s assigned to take pictures of James Dean. Here’s the movie’s official synopsis:

The story follows Dennis Stock, who works at the Magnum Photos Agency and got an assignment to shoot rising Hollywood star James Dean, before the release of East of Eden. Friendship developed between them during the assignment, as the pair traveled from Los Angeles to New York to Indiana.

The movie is set in the 1940s, so in addition to Rob’s hot slicked-back hair, he also rocks a dapper suit for the majority of the time. And HO-LY crap — can we just saw we’re getting serious Edward Cullen wedding vibes right now? *Le sigh*

Life also stars Dane DeHaan and is set to hit theaters later this year. Check out the trailer above!

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