Liam Hemsworth is WAY More than a Pretty Face; He’s a Total Badass, too!

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It took us a second to stop picturing Liam Hemsworth as the romantic Will Blakelee in The Last Song, and we STILL occasionally have a hard time seeing him as someone OTHER than  The Hunger Games’  soft-spoken Gale Hawthorne. But after seeing him in his new movie, Cut Bank, we have to say one thing — the 25-year-old actress is a TOTAL badass!

The film, which also stars Billy Bob Thornton and Teresa Palmer, is a thriller about two young people who accidentally catch a murder on camera. Here’s the official summary:

Dwayne McLaren (Liam Hemsworth) has been looking for a way out of his small town upbringing of Cut Bank, MT since he graduated high school several years earlier. When he finds himself in the wrong place at the right time, he jumps at a chance to pursue a better life in a bigger city with his girlfriend Cassandra (Teresa Palmer). But luck doesn’t exist in Cut Bank, and this perceived good fortune is quickly followed by a flood of bad karma.

Listen, guys. The synopsis def doesn’t do this movie justice. After simply watching the trailer, we’re ALREADY feeling anxiety! Check it out for yourselves above!

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