Liam Hemsworth Talks Josh Hutcherson/White Castle Bromance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ (VIDEO)

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While we usually fawn over pretty much anything that comes out of Liam Hemsworth's mouth — that accent, oof — we're nearly ready to vom just thinking about what he revealed about his relationship with Josh Hutcherson.

During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Miley Cyrus' man opened up about his blossoming bromance with J.Hutch off the set of The Hunger Games. Since Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle had 'a deep impact' on Liam as a teenager (wha-?), Josh took him to a White Castle in his Kentucky hometown. And after buying three or four briefcases worth of burgers from the joint, this is what Liam says of the experience: "We took them back to his house and we ate them. And then about a half hour later — it was our first real bonding experience, me and Josh; it's when we really became good friends — we went out into his garden and threw up together."

Umm… aww? For more of Liam's interview, watch the video above, and make sure to catch Liam and Josh on the big screen once again in Catching Fire on November 22.

What's coming out of Liam's mouth is gross, but the sound coming out of Miley's is awesome!

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