Something’s Missing From Laura Marano’s “Layover” Music Video (LYRICS)

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Since Laura Marano became the first pop singer signed to Taylor Swift’s record label back in March, fans have been not so patiently waiting for, well, some music! And while the Austin & Ally confirmed her first single won’t be coming out until January, she thanked fans for their support by releasing a never-before-seen music video created by Laura herself! Here’s what she said about “Layover’s” release:

“You guys have been so incredible and supportive of my music and me… I am so excited to show you my single in January, but in the meantime, I made this video…to show you a song I wrote a year and a half, 2 years ago! Ps, I literally made this on my iPad, not gonna lie, it took me a ridiculous about if time to make the full video. #Layover”

SOOOO freakin’ exciting, right?! We’re OB-sessed with the track, but couldn’t help but notice one thing — it’s SO SHORT! And, from the video, it definitely seems like there’s more to the song. WHERE’S THE REST, LAURA?! WE NEED IT!!!

Anyway…we guess beggars can’t be choosers and we should appreciate the adorbs vid ’cause it’s sure as heck better than nothing! Check it out above and the lyrics below:

Baby when you look at me like that
You make it hard to leave
You know I said
No amount of miles breaks what we have
It’s only you and me inside my head

Even on airplanes (airplanes, airplanes)
No matter where we are
Buses, cars and trains (and trains, and trains)
We’re still underneath the same stars

Our love can travel the nation
Like an east coast, west coast red eye
Our love is running in motion
Through the high speed sparkling night sky
Oh, I know that you hate it when we’re not together
I’ll call you on my layover

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