OMG, Laura Marano Stole the Cutest Thing from the Austin & Ally Set!

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Like former Victorious star Avan Jogia, 19-year-old Austin & Ally actress Laura Marano is teaming up with DoSomething for the organization’s Thumb Wars initiative, which encourages the public to NOT text and drive, while providing the opportunity of snagging a $10,000 scholarship. (Get the details here.)

So, with her new project underway, we caught up with Laura to chat all about it, along with what it was like on the last day of filming her hit Disney Channel series after four years with the incredible cast, including Ross Lynch, Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy, plus what she stole from the set. (OMG, it’s the cutest thing!)

She describes the end of the series as follows, “The last day was obviously very sad. I mean, it was… we’d known that the fourth season was our last before we’d even started it, so that kind of made us appreciate it a little bit more. You know, we kept calling it our senior year of high school, our senior year of Austin & Ally, so, no matter what, though, the last day, like any sort of graduation is, you know, very emotional. We’re excited, but this is like a family we’ve grown with for four years that we’re really going to miss. So I was crying, Raini was crying, everyone was crying, everyone in our crew was crying, there [were] a lot of tears. We made so many speeches it was ridiculous.”

As for her collaboration with DoSomething and the stolen prop, watch the video above!

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