Lady Gaga Throws Up on Stage During Barcelona, Spain Performance (VIDEO

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WHAT IS IN THE CELEB WATER, FOLKS? Just a week after Justin Bieber’s throw-up incidentLady Gaga was caught vomiting during one of her concerts — mid-performance! — as well. And just like the Biebs, she continues on with her routine. However, after puking a whopping THREE times amidst “Edge of Glory” in Barcelona, Spain, she not only went out of her way to discuss the debacle, she released the video for it, too! Here’s what she says:

Was it a case of the jitters? Eh, doubt it. She should be used to this by now. Milk (or another bad beverage choice)? Hmm… Either way, if you’re not squeamish, watch the performance above and tell us what you think!

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