Watch: Kurt Hugo Schneider’s ‘Feel So Close’ Cover!

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We've seen popular YouTube musician Kurt Hugo Schneider cover the tune "Little Talks" — using ONLY Coca Cola cans and bottles! — but now he's back doing the same thing with a different song. Using his musically skillful ways, Kurt has set up a number of Coke cans, bottles, etc. in order to play Calvin Harris' popular "Feel So Close."

This video is the second in a series for Coke's “The Ahh Effect” campaign which explores the feeling of drinking a Coke. We couldn't think of a better time than summer to do this, since the season and a nice cold Coca Cola practically go hand-in-hand.

For a song that was basically made with computers, it's pretty amazing what they can do JUST using Coke cans and bottles! Watch the video above to see the whole thing!

Watch below to see Kurt talk about a Demi Lovato collab!

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