My Day. My Life. With King the Kid!

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When it comes to pursuing a career in music, it doesn’t get much more dedicated than the guys of King the Kid! The fellas — Ricky Ficarelli, David Michael Frank, and Jose Mostajo — took our Teen cameras with them to give our readers an inside look at their hectic schedule!

The group has been touring, and we got to see some behind the scene footage of their recent show at the Anaheim, California venue, Chain Reaction. YouTuber Alex Goot even makes a special appearance during their sound check!

In addition to their sound check, they gave us a look at their craftiness, as they turned a 15-person fan into their very own makeshift tour bus. How crazy are those bunk beds?! We also get to seem them interact with their many adoring (and screaming!) fans!

That’s not all — we chatted with them about their music, careers, and much more! Watch the video above!

My Day. My Life. With Tonight Alive