This YouTuber’s Epic News Has Fans Freaking Out in Anticipation

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Disclosure: You will completely and utterly fall under the trance of Kenny Holland after watching the above video.

Now that all warnings and precautions have been set, let’s talk about the 20-year-old Arizona native, because ever since we checked out his cover for “Hotel California” we have been swooning like never before. The YouTube musician sings with the voice of an angel, and he’s also easy on the eyes, if you get our gist. The way he pours his heart out in this cover in the most raw and sincere way possible might actually be the cause for our hearts to burst.

While he has garnered a lot of attention and praise for his viral cover songs on his Youtube account, he also has quite a blossoming solo career on his hands. After recently announcing that he’s been working on a lot of exciting projects and is almost all ready to share them, he promised fans that they would get to hear his new single, “Lifeline” very soon.

It gets better, Kenny will be sharing new cover songs in the days leading up to Christmas, next Wednesday, when he will finally drop “Lifeline” for all our musical pleasures. Hype!

Here’s what the adorable social media sensation shared with us about everything he’s been working on lately:

“The project thus far is having a great response. I think everyone is pleasantly shocked with the launch of the project and didn’t quite expect the level we’ve been working on. I’m especially excited to release my new single ‘Lifeline’ because I feel like it really reflects my growth as a musician and as a person with all that I’ve experienced in & out of the music industry over the past year.”

And, with that, we are officially Kenny Holland fangirls.

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