Kellan Lutz is Agent Hashtag in ‘Funny or Die’ Spoof Video

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He’s invisible, untraceable and the most deadly secret agent in the world. There’s just one problem: He has an addiction… to social media. Meet Agent Hashtag, Kellan Lutz‘s alter ego in this Funny or Die spoof. Our favorite part: “Why does he have to post so much on the Internet?” “The same reason anyone does: because he has no friends in real life.” It’s genius!

Obviously, this isn’t the only reason why Kell’s getting attention this week. The final chapter of The Twilight Saga is in theaters rightthissecond! In an interview with ELLE magazine, he recalls what it was like when Twilight first hit: “You feel like a deer in headlights. Like, ‘What is going on?’ I’d been working for years prior, just booking jobs. I was totally fine doing that. I never wanted to be famous.”

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