Katy Perry’s “Roar” Lyric Video

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The Queen of music video confections has returned! Though, it seems like she's dropping the entire 'sweet treat' bit. As we saw in Katy Perry's teaser for "Roar," the first single off her upcoming PRISM album, she's ditching her signature blue wig and aiming for something a touch darker. However, the lyric video for the song, which just dropped today, definitely has a more light-hearted feel than the teaser.

In today's reveal, you can see Katy texting the lyrics to the tune from her bed, gym, car and bathroom. There's even a special appearance from her cat, Kitty Purry! Watch above, then tell us where you think Katy's headed with her new album, PRISM, dropping October 22, 2013. Do you think she's trying to go darker and edgier, like the teaser suggests? Or a more innocent feel, like the lyric video portrays? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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