Openly Gay Army Ranger Ken Yasger Sends Sweet Proposal to Katy Perry (VIDEO)

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Fans proposing to celebrities is not an unusual concept. We've seen it happen with Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, Kristin Cavallari, Victoria Justice… you get the picture. And in all of those instances, there were success stories to be made. (See Joe Jonas' response video, for example.) So we're really hoping that Katy Perry hears Army Ranger Ken Yasger's words and at least sends a message back.

With the Ranger Ball coming up quick — October 10, FYI — Ken knows that it's short notice, but still feels that the "Dark Horse" singer should be his guest because she's his #1 inspiration. He says with "E.T." playing in the background, "I'm the first openly gay ranger in the unit that I am with and your music really helped me get through it… I'd wake up in the morning, and I'd be feeling really down, the song "Wide Awake" [is] the one that comes to mind because I listen to it every morning; it's my alarm… No matter how down I felt, I'd listen to that song. It would really help me get started for the day."

No other celeb speaks to him, he admits. Even with her new content, like "Roar," she gets to him on another level. Hey, we hear you, Ken, and we hope she hears you too!

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