EXCLUSIVE: Karmin Kicks Off Season Two of My Day. My Life. This Friday!

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The talented and down-to-earth “swag pop” duo Amy and Nick, a.k.a. Karmin, are in the middle of one of the busiest weeks of their lives. Not only did their debut album, Hello, release last night at midnight, but there’s the press that goes with it including a performance on Good Morning America Tuesday morning, a party bus performance Wednesday and the world premiere of their music video for ‘I Told You So’ on MTV. We’re exhausted/exhilarated just thinking about it.

And there’s more exciting Karmin news. We’re so amped to announce that we will be premiering the first episode of Season 2 of My Day. My Life. featuring Karmin right here this Friday, May 11. That’s right, Amy and Nick recorded a video diary during one of the less-busy days (it was still pretty busy) in their jam-packed schedule and were nice enough to share all the behind-the-scenes fun leading up to this insane week. You’ll see everything, from Amy doing her signature suicide roll, shopping for clothes for interviews and their GMA appearance, to a photo shoot and even routine things like cooking breakfast, pumping gas… and maybe even the elusive Karmin PDA!

Watch the trailer for My Day. My Life. with Karmin below, premiering this Friday May 11th, and check out Hello on iTunes, also available in stores now.

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