Amy and Nick Go To Chinatown In New Music Video for “Hello”

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In case it was unclear, we are all about Karmin up in here. From Amy’s hair to their episode of My Day, My Life to their debut album that we still can’t stop listening to, Amy and Nick are pretty rad. As is their new music video for “Hello,” the second single off of their album, um, Hello. Amy walks in and rides her bike around a city that looks like Chinatown (or a town that might actually be in China — they’re rich like that), while her real-life fiance Nick, meanwhile, shaves his head in a bathroom. Like, actually shaves his head. That’s dedication right there.

So check out “Hello” above (Amy isn’t rocking her signature suicide roll but we’ll let it slide), and make sure to watch Karmin’s MDML if you haven’t already!

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