This 10-Year-Old Really Hates Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

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WARNING: If you are a Justin Bieber fan, it’s possible this video will cause you extreme distress. Because it’s pretty awesome. And features a talking kitten.

10-year-old Alyssa Trebat posted a video on YouTube back in 2011 that has recently received a few reblogs on Tumblr. We’d be very interested to know her feelings on Justin now, but back then anyway, well… she hated him. Let us know what you think of her reasoning in the comments.

She starts the video alluding to this being a show, so… more episodes to come? With graphics like these, we can only hope. Although, we’re still waiting for episode two of The Cat Show. So, in no particular order below, we’ve pulled out the main reasons she hates JB. Let’s go through this point by point, shall we?

Justin is not as well-traveled internationally as he could be. We’re not entirely sure where she’s going with this because Justin has traveled the world many times over, but she seems to dock him points for not going to Paris more often… although, the singer doesn’t have the best luck in the city of love. There are also graphics of Dubai and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, which she can’t identify right away, but that’s okay because she’s 10.

Also, it seems like she maybe wants him to get a cat?



He has a flat butt. You heard her right. Not only is it big, but it is also F-L-A-T according to her. We’ve collected some photographic evidence below. Judge for yourself whether you think her statement is an accurate description of Mr. Bieber’s backside.

Exclusive_ Justin Bieber Is Pretty In Pink... Briefs__

He is stupid. Also, he’s stupid. This is where her critique gets the harshest. Apparently Bieber is stupid squared and lame, and deceiving. “Justin Bieber is not what you think he is. He’s lame, stupid and stupid.” Still, the video has way more thumbs up votes than thumbs down and most of the comments seem pretty supportive of her stance.


Regardless of which side of the Justin fence you’re on, we just hope this little girl doesn’t receive too much Internet hate for her video. We love PrincessPrincess2010’s take on it, she’s a huge Justin fan, but she can still appreciate that this girl doesn’t share her love and can enjoy a funny (and well-edited) video. Keep it up, girl. We can’t wait for episode two.

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