Justin Bieber Releases Unfinished “You Want Me” Song (VIDEO)

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When Justin Bieber makes a promise, he intends to see it through. But sometimes, certain things are left out of our hands… like technology. After his hilarious stint on Saturday Night Live — did you see the Miley Cyrus Show skit?! — the Biebs was expected to cap off the weekend with a livestream. Unfortunately, Beliebers are so dedicated, they crashed the site!

So, in order to give his fans something in return for their dedication, JB published this video of his unfinished song, “You Want Me.” The track didn’t make it onto BELIEVE Acoustic, but who knows where it may turn up later. Oh, and his little brother and sister come in at the end! Too cute.

P.S. Do you think it was a coincidence that Justin Bieber scheduled his Ustream at the same time as the Grammy Awards? He was snubbed after all…

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