Justin Bieber “What Do You Mean?” Music Video is the One You’ve Been Waiting For

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When Justin Bieber released the lyrics video for his new song “What Do You Mean,” we we a bit confused. We’re all for the #skateboardinglife, but not when it comes to a song that clearly has a romance theme going, ya know? But not to worry, Beliebers, the crooner dropped the actual video for his new track late last night and it gives us every piece of sexiness we’ve ever missed!

Taking a note from One Direction, Justin surprised fans with the music video at a moment they least expected it. JB’s supporters were still sobbing from his incredible Video Music Awards performance (and questioning what the heck his hair was doing) when the singer was like — “SURPRISE!!!!” #Overwhelmed

If you needed any more proof that the Canadian cutie has said goodbye to his “Baby” days for good, the “WDYM” music video is for you. The Biebs basically spends all 5-ish minutes of the vid rolling around half naked with a girl who’s just as scantily clad. We see you, grown-up JB! Check out every minute of the sex-filled music video above and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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