Watch Justin Bieber Perform “What Do You Mean” Acoustically (VIDEO)

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We know some of you may have forgotten among all of his antics, but Justin Bieber got his start sitting in front of a camera singing and playing music on a guitar. And now, just weeks after releasing his first song in years, The Biebs is going back to his roots with an acoustic version of “What Do You Mean.”

While the 21-year-old singer has definitely upped the production value of his acoustic ventures, the heart of the old JB is there — a genuine love for music. In fact, Justin even tweeted this just hours before releasing the video:

Honestly, “WDYM” has been stuck in our heads since it came out at the end of August, and we didn’t think anything could top it. But after hearing the acoustic version, we’re just over here like, “YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSS!!” It’s SO good.

Check out the full acoustic performance above!

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