Justin Bieber Releases New Songs ‘We Were Born For This’ & ‘Hard 2 Face Reality’

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A lot has happened in Justin Bieber's life over the past couple of years, and between all the drama he causes, it can be hard to remember that he's actually a talented musician. However, his newest songs "Hard 2 Face Reality" and "We Were Born For This" will remind you why you started to love Bieber in the first place — his music.

Over the weekend, JB dropped a song called "Hard 2 Face Reality" which you can listen to below.

Here are some of the songs lyrics as well:

Sometimes it's hard to face reality
Even though you might get mad at me
Sometimes it's hard to face reality

Don't be afraid to stand alone
Don't be afraid to stand outside the door alone
I know it's hard away from home
It ain't easy all alone
Relationships over the phone
Talkin' to your significant other all night long

Now on Monday, JB has released yet another track titled, "We Were Born For This" which is a huge thank you to his fans. Listen below.

Before sharing these songs, Justin wrote a series of tweets saying things such as "feeling happy and creative. alot of great things coming." and "some will hate….more will want to love. Letting the love in. Ignoring the hate. Keep it positive!"

What do YOU think of Justin's new songs? Tell us in the comments section below!

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