Unaired Justin Bieber ‘SNL’ Sketch Called “Greatest Trainwreck” by Bill Hader (VIDEO)

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After Bill Hader slammed Justin Bieber for bringing an entourage to his Saturday Night Live hosting gig, it doesn’t come as a total surprise that he’s now caught mocking one of the singer’s performances on the show. But don’t worry too much, Beliebers. Bill’s not really Bieber bashing as he’s part of the failed performance as well.

In an unaired sketch titled “Song for Daddy,” pretty much everything that could go wrong actually did go wrong. Wardrobe probs, lighting issues, unfunny jokes — at one point, the set walls nearly fall on the Biebs! Yeah, it’s pretty much the “greatest trainwreck ever.”

Watch it all unfold in the video above, then tell us your thoughts in the comments, or on our Justin Bieber message board!

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