THIS is What Justin Bieber Gets for Trying to Show Off. Again.

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He’s at it again, you guys! Although Justin Bieber said 2014 was the year for a necessary ‘break,’ you know he couldn’t help but put himself in the spotlight one last time before we bring in 2015. And this time, JB did something that left everyone scratching their heads.

Yesterday, while hangin’ in NYC with his new girlfriend bestie Hailey Baldwin, the 20-year-old singer decided he felt like skateboarding. Pretty normal, right? But instead of heading to a skate park like most people would do, Justin went straight to the steps outside of Madison Square Garden to put on a show for shocked fans and onlookers.

Now, listen. We’re not saying Justin’s a bad skateboarder whatsoever, but when you’re clearly showing off in front of an entire city, you miiiight want to practice a bit. Ya know? #SorryNotSorry

Check out the vid of JB’s ~skills~ above!

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