Justin Bieber’s “Looking for You” Lyrics, Featuring Migos

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Justin Bieber‘s Journals album was all sorts of sexy, but we have a feeling that whatever compilation the 20-year-old singer produces next will be taken to the next level… in terms of dirtiness anyway. Really, just wait ’til you hear “Looking For You.” The “As Long As You Love Me” crooner has gone from singing “Baby” to “b******!”

Here are some of the lyrics:

“Tonight might be the night
You might mess around and fall in love”

“Bad b****** in the party, alcohol on me
Tell the waitress put the sparklers on my 20 B-T”

“He never seen a n***** like me
Hoppin’ out the Chevy, step up with the minks, gold chain, Mr. T”

“My b**** is so gorgeous, I might pay her mortgage
I run to the money like Forrest”

Granted, most of the R-rated words are sung by Migos, but still — it’s Justin Bieber’s song. You can listen for yourself above, but remember, we gave you fair warning about the language.

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