Justin Bieber Meets Eminem in this “Gritty Justin Bieber Movie Trailer” Parody

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Ever wonder what would happen if Justin Bieber was thrown into the world of Eminem‘s 8 Mile? Ok — neither did we. Buuuut, just because we never put The Biebs and Em together in our brains doesn’t mean that no one else did, because Youtubers UCBComedy created this hilarious “Gritty Justin Bieber Movie Trailer” parody video that has us laughing out loud. It’s clearly over dramatic and throws some low blows to Justin, but hey, we know that he doesn’t take himself too seriously and would most likely laugh if he saw the vid. We love you JB — but this is really realllllly funny.

So watch the vid above, and tell us below — would you go see this movie if it was real?

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