Josh Hutcherson Gets Sensitive on MTV’s After Hours

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We don’t know if we should laugh or cry at this video! In an interview with MTV After Hours host Josh Horowitz, Josh Hutcherson takes part in “Sensitive Guys 101,” where he talks about how, well, sensitive he is. Now, while this is obviously a mock interview, we can’t help but assume that Josh is pretty sensitive in real life.

Praising Josh as a “legend” in the sensitive guy community, they start off by talking about how often Josh cries. J-Hutch said, “Well, there’s the morning cry, then the shower cry at the end of the night.” But depending on the day, he could cry up to four or five times a day. Josh also spoke about his dog Driver, and what would happen if he had an accident in doors, to which Josh replied, “It’s my fault. I obviously wasn’t there to let you out,” and continued, “I let you down and I’m sorry.” They then finish off the video with some “nice guy affirmations.” For the rest of the hilar interview, watch the video above!

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