Flashback Friday: Josh Hutcherson Shows Off His Rapping Skills!

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Josh Hutcherson should stick to his day job. For today's Flashback Friday, we unearthed this extremely rare video (OK, we just found it after searching around for a little bit on YouTube) of the Catching Fire star showing off his — wait for it — rapping skills. Yes, in what appears to be some kind of outtake/extra scene from his movie 2006 RV, this clip features Josh as he raps a song called "White Boys, Make Some Noise."

During the time while he's spitting some beats, he is working on his fitness with what looks like a 2.5 pound weight. Welcome to the gun show! Also, he's wearing a pretty prominent chain and watch. Good thing this was for a movie, could you imagine if this was how he really acted when he was 14 years old?

In case you're too embarrassed to watch the video, we'll give you a taste of some of the hard-hitting lyrics:

"White boys, make some noise/Oh let 'em know that we right here"

"White boys, make some noise/Oh let 'em know we ain't going nowhere"

And as if that wasn't enough, he even does some beatboxing! We do have to give him props, it must have been difficult to memorize all that! Just shows what a great actor he is! Watch the video above (if you dare). What do YOU think of Josh's rapping skills? Sound off in the comments section!

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