Nick Jonas Sings “Wedding Bells” at Radio City. Is It For Miley Cyrus?

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When the Jonas Brothers say they’re making a comeback, they come back full force. At their one-night-only Radio City concert, KevinJoe and Nick performed a bunch of never-before-heard tracks. But the one that stuck out the most (to us, anyway) was “Wedding Bells.” Just before singing the tune, Nick says, “I don’t think I’ve ever written a song that makes me as uncomfortable as this song does. Some things happened in the last year that affected me in that moment…” You know what happened in the last year? His ex, Miley Cyrus got engaged, that’s what. Coincidence? Hmm… Read some of the lyrics below, then tell us you think it’s about Miley!

Pardon my interruption 
This drink’s just setting in 
On my reservation 
A reason I don’t exist 

She says,”Can you keep a secret?
A ceremony set for June 
I know it’s a rush, but I just love him so much 
I hope that you can meet him soon”

No, I don’t wanna love if it’s not you 
I don’t wanna hear the wedding bells bloom 
Maybe we can try one last time 
But I don’t wanna hear the wedding bells chime 
Fall asleep and wake me up and I’m trying to see the light 
Instead of feeling right 
I don’t wanna hear the wedding bells chime 

Pardon my harsh reaction 
You’re putting me on the spot 
But if I’m being honest 
I’m hoping that I’m getting caught 
Showing you that I’m unhappy 
Letting you see my truth 
’cause if you recall, our anniversary falls 
Eleven nights into June…

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