Jonas Brothers “First Time” Music Video

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The Jonas Brothers are all grown up. At least, that’s what their “First Time” music video insinuates as the boys (or really, just Joe Jonas) take us on a wild trip through Las Vegas.

In the new MV, Joe shaves his head, surrounds himself with a bunch of ladies, gambles and plays… a certain type of pong, while Kevin Jonas can be spotted smooching his now-pregnant wife, Danielle Jonas. For the most part, Nick Jonas is in the trio’s hotel room making music with his guitar. (He is still under 21 after all.)

With lyrics like Such a thrill of a lifetime // What a night for a good time, the music video’s somewhat fitting. But what are your thoughts on it? Do you think it’s better than “Pom Poms?” Tell us all your Jonas Brothers-related ideas in the comments!

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