Joey’s Dystopia: ‘Hunger Games’ Camping Challenge!

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Hey guys! In last week’s episode of Joey’s Dystopia I got to take archery lessons from the same woman who trained Jennifer Lawrence for The Hunger Games (no big deal!), and this week I’m taking my love for Hunger Games a step further! I brought the arena to L.A. and did a little camping challenge! I even got little parachutes sent to me! Lol! My first challenges were to fashion a cape for myself, then after that I had to make a fire with some Doritos! I don’t think they had those in the arena! Lol!I even had to climb a tree and go fishing. OK, so I have to admit, I didn’t complete every challenge (some were really hard! Lol!), so watch to see which ones I passed with flying colors! Oh and PS pay attention in the vid because there’s an awesome giveaway!

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‘Hunger Games’ Archery Lesson!