Joey’s Dystopia: Casting ‘The Uglies’!

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Hey guys! A few weeks ago, I did an episode of Joey’s Dystopia about the book series The Uglies, and now I’ve got another one! If you haven’t heard of it, this particular book series is about how all 16-year-olds get operations to go from “uglies” to “pretties,” in a dystopian society. The transformation includes plastic surgery, getting movable tattoos and lots of other crazy stuff. So last time I was transformed into a “pretty” thanks to PhotoShop, but this time around I’m picking who I think should play the book’s characters if it ever gets turned into a movie or TV series!

To see who I think should star, watch the video above, and make sure you subscribe to Teen on YouTube so you don’t miss any new episodes of Joey’s Dystopia, every Tuesday at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST!

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