Joey Graceffa Gets Zombie-fied at ‘Warm Bodies’ Press Junket!

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Joey’ has had one zombie-rrific week! Not only did he get to interview the cast of Warm Bodies, aka Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, but while he was at the press junket, Joey got to transform into a zombie! That’s right, in order to get people in the undead mood (the movie is a zombie rom-com after all), Joey and a number of other reporters got the sit down in a make up chair and go from human to zombie.

Starting off his transformation, Joey told us, “I’m about to get turned into a zombie. The Hollywood way, not the real way.” Then, with the help of lots of make up, Joey ends up making one convincing zombie! When the whole junket experience was said and done, he said, “It was a lot of fun. I am like so impressed with like how Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer [were so sweet],” adding, “I especially really liked them. And I wish I could be their best friend, you know! I want to be on set of a movie working with them!” And since Joey got to see the movie before its release, he said, “And the movie was freaking awesome, so you guys better go watch it because it was sick,” also adding that he definitely wants to see it for a second time!

Check out his full transformation by watching the video above, and make sure you see Warm Bodies when it hits theaters on February 1!