Joey Graceffa Lip-Syncs to One Direction’s “Kiss You” (VIDEO)

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Our host, Joey Graceffa, is like a chameleon; his appearance changes depending on his surroundings! (i.e. His Hunger Games make-up job, transformations for The Uglies and Warm Bodies, etc.) So you can only imagine how he looked while taking on One Direction‘s “Kiss You.”

Unlike the real music video, which features the 1D boys in various scenarios, like skiing and surfing, Joey G fights for Ingrid (a.k.a. Miss Glamorazzi) and her friend, along with his pal, Luke Conard. The two guys play nerds who spot Ingrid and her BFF on the beach after their male companions walk away. But, as they’re chatting each other up, said male companions come back — and beat up Joey and Luke! Watch as the YouTubers train for battle and fight back in the video above!

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