Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Fans at Coachella With Fake Bands

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LOTS of bands play at Coachella — a music festival that takes place over two weekends in the California desert — so many, that it’s pretty hard to keep track of who is actually there. So, funny man Jimmy Kimmel decided to ask concert goers about certain bands that don’t actually exist, and many of them took the bait!

For his Jimmy Kimmel Live late night talk show, he sent a correspondent down to the music fest, and asked fans about “bands” such as Dr. Schlomo and the GI Clinic, Shorty Jizzle and the Pumblekrugs, The Obesity Epidemic, and The Chelsea Clintons — to name a few. To see how the concert goers respond, watch the hilarious fake out above!

Celeb TwitPics From Coachella Weekend One!