This is the Rudest (and Most Hilarious) Thing You’ll Ever Hear About 5 Seconds of Summer

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Alrighty, 5 Seconds of Summer fans! You asked for it, and it’s finally here — the 5SOS boys officially got in on Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets craze! And, trust us when we say; It does not disappoint!

As expected, the tweet selected by 5SOS is pretty effing mean (like, c’mon — who WOULDN’T want to see ’em on tour?!), but the guys’ reaction to it makes it beyond hilarious, too! And while we’re be pretty content just replaying Luke’s giggle and Calum’s smirk, there are actually tons of other huge musicians who round out the epic vid. Here are some of our faves:

Ariana Grande: “I’d rather listen to an auto-tuned q***f played on a continuous loop than listen to Ariana Grande’s new album.”

Iggy Azalea: “I really wanna just flick Iggy Azalea’s stupid mole off her face and into the bin.”

Ed Sheeran: “Hey Look! Ed Sheeran is still ugly.”

Drake: “Drake looks like Voldemort with hair.”

Sam Smith: “Trying to use the word ‘hate’ less often. Here goes: I thoroughly dislike Sam Smith.”

Katy Perry: “Katy Perry has a voice that reminds me of balls covered in glass sliding down my throat. Nice gal.”

We die! Check out the whole video above and tell us whose mean tweet made you LOL the most!

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