My Day. My Life. With Jillian Rose Reed!

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One of the best parts of MTV’s Awkward is the character of Tamara. We love everything about her from that hilarious personality to her amazing red hair. That’s why we were so lucky to spend time with the actress who plays Tamara, Jillian Rose Reed!

Jillian brings us back to her hometown of Northville, Michigan and we follow her as she takes a trip down memory lane. She starts off the day by filming an audition with the help of her grandma! So sweet. Then Jillian and her grandpa head downtown to eat at one of their favorite restaurants.

After lunch Jillian heads to the theater she grew up performing in. She did 27 musicals and worked so hard in the theater that they even gave Jillian her own chair. How cool! Next, Jillian ends the day by attending a football game where she gets mobbed by fans. One of the results of having a hit show!

To see all of this action, check out the video above. Plus, you can hear Jillian talk about her love of acting, getting into the business, and landing the part of Tamara. She even reveals which character she originally auditioned for! Any guesses? See if you got the answer right in the video and don’t forget to watch Awkward when it returns on October 22.

Stay tuned for another My Day, My Life next Sunday at 7 PM ET!

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