Jessie J ‘Silver Lining’

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Jessie J has a new single! The British “Domino” singer is changing things up from her usual dance party songs, for this more low-key track, “Silver Lining.” While you can certainly still bust a move listening to this song, there are some sweet lyrics, including:

Call me crazy
In a world when no one, no one understands
It good to finally find someone, someone who can
You know me, better than I know myself
Don’t care what they say, don’t care what this world thinks
We got each other that’s all we need
And you show me
I don’t need nothing else

Call me crazy
Call me a fool, uh-hu
Call me crazy
Maybe it’s true
But I’m crazy ’bout you
I’m crazy ’bout you
I’m crazy
I can’t help it, help it, uh

Take a listen to the track for yourself above!

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