Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence Actually Can’t Do it All

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Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much the queen of everything. Not only is she an amazing actress, but she’s also all kinds of hilarious, SUPER down to earth and basically makes everyone want to be her BFF. But while you might’ve assumed J.Law is just naturally amazing at everything, she’s actually not.

While promoting Mockingjay on The Late Show With David Letterman, Jen talked about her major fear of singing in front of people, which stemmed from an unfortunate incident with a Christmas song when she was eight.

This fear proved very tricky while she was filming the movie, because there’s a scene (which she refuses to watch, BTW) where Katniss sings “The Hanging Tree” in the quarry.

“I cried on set that day and apparently I’m crying all the time,” she told Dave. “That was awful. I’m like scarred from my childhood because I have a southern mother who would just tell me that I was amazing at everything; that I could do everything. But, I can’t!”

Check out the full, hilarious interview above to hear Jen’s amazing reenactment of her performance as an eight year old!

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